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Introducing the Model 900/910 (tm)
Originally conceived by world class architect, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe in 1955 for Chicago's Esplanade Apartments, this fan coil has been the mainstay of ensuite comfort for over 50 years. However, one half centuries effects of time and the environment have expectantly taken their toll on these faithful partners.

Architectural Fan Coil, Inc. has identified these marvels as worthy of restoration. One year of revisioning, prototyping and testing has brought the 900/910 restoration to market with thoughtful regard to the original design concept and infrastructure impact.

The original aesthetic and build quality have been faithfully re-incorporated. The heavy 16 gauge cabinetry has been restored and the original design calculations for the association provided water system respected.

This means there are few if any accommodating changes necessary in individual dwellings. Changes in flooring, chase covers, or the view are not necessary. Additionally, there are no additional impacts to the buildings boiler, chiller or circulating water system. Normally, increases or decreases in back or head pressures would be evident in replacements by "off the shelf" fan coil units.

Additionally, much effort and care has been directed to advances in materials and the environment.

Getting back to the cabinetry, each one is hand disassembled and stripped using non-chemical means. The refinishing is an environmentally friendly yet durable powdercoating technology with ZERO VOC's.

The lungs of the system, the air coil, is constructed entirely of a stainless steel structure, marine grade aluminum air surface fins and copper exchanger tubing. There is no common steel used in this component. The original coil utilized cold rolled common steel, and has rusted considerably. This new assembly is worthy of a modern commercial laboratory and is built in a state of the art facility conforming to ISO 9001 regulations.

Of course, the drain pan is argon welded stainless steel!

The new insulation is closed cell neoprene, not friendly to bacterial growth and a nice sound attenuator as well.

Our fan blower is modern technology. A speed controlled external rotor motor which uses less than 1/4 of electrical energy of the original.

We provide a new filter bank incorporating carbon media for odor reduction and particulate filtration for dust, bacteria etc.

This is a detail intense project, resulting in an important upgrade for your comfort, health and well being.

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