High Efficiency Air Filtration

Architectural Fan Coil introduces an industry first with carbon based high efficiency air filtration for your fan coil as standard

Addressing a long standing need to have clean fresh air circulating through commercial fan coils, Architectural Fan Coil provides, as standard, a "Carbon Line" of high efficiency air filters designed for high rise dwellings.

Long the norm, "passive" filtration provided the only method of cleaning air on its way into high-rise fan coils. Filter media which can be seen through, or rinsed out, allowed almost everything to pass through except maybe the cat or a golf ball or the curtains. But pollens, dirt, dust, dander and insects, easily bypassed this gatekeeper. Once inside, these pollutants and noxious entities found a nice environment to thrive. In the insulation, drain pans and exchanger coils, as well as in the crevasses of the cabinet, clusters of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and more collected.

Over time these grow, prosper and multiply inside the fan coil, forming colonies which sometimes you can't see nor smell, yet you breathe and battle their remnants when they blow through the system, eventually settling on everything you own and use daily.

The trick is to stop them before they get inside.

Architectural Fan Coil, utilizes a line of filters and filter banks which can address this problem.

Filter media of polyester and a patented Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) are used for the removal of particulates as well as most gaseous pollutants and some odors.

You will see a significant difference when physically comparing the standard Architectural Fan Coil filter to the one in your fan coil today.